The following sessions and sub-sessions are envisaged:

  1. Fortifications, Units and Arms
    • The Design and Functioning of Roman Frontiers from the Perspective of Military Historians (Sonja Jilek and Boris Rankov)
    • Recent Work at Legionary Fortresses on the Frontiers (Peter Guest)
    • You Call That a Principia? Interpreting Building Function and Garrisons in Post-Tetrarchic Forts (Rob Collins and Meike Weber)
    • Dura and Rome’s Steppe Frontier Zone (Simon James)
    • Fleets (Jorit Wintjis)
  2. Civil Settlements, Roads and Trade
    • Families and Dependents of Soldiers (Maureen Carroll)
    • All the Roads are Leading to… Jerusalem – A Memorial Session in Honor of the Late Prof. Israel Roll (David Graf)
  3. Burial Rites and Religion
  4. Barbarians
    • Exploring the 'limes feeling' - looking at the limes as a force for the creation of a distinct culture on both side of the frontier rather than a divider (Ioana Oltean)
    • Rome and Barbaricum - Aspects of Interaction (Thomas Grane)
  5. Interdisciplinary Researches, Presenting the Roman Frontiers
    • Remote Sensing on Roman Frontiers (Rebecca Jones and Jorg Fassbinder)
    • Frontiers of the Roman Empire - Running and Expanding the World Heritage Site (David Breeze and Sebastian Sommer)
  6. Varia
    • In Search of Veterans of the Roman Army on the Frontiers (Tatiana Ivleva)

Delegates are asked to send summaries of no more 250 words to, indicating for which session it is intended. Summaries should be submitted in one of the official languages of the Congress, which are English, German and French. The time allowed for each paper will be 15 minutes (PowerPoint presentation), followed by 5 minutes for questions. Summaries of papers can be accepted until 28th February 2012.

Delagates are encoureged to bring materials for the poster session. Please submit titles to by 28th February 2012.

Requirements for posters:

Poster dimensions should not exceed 70 x 100 cm (width/height, portrait orientation). The poster should be on a single sheet of paper and not made up of smaller sheets.

Requirements for manuscripts presented at the XXII Limes Congress in Ruse and which shall be submitted to its Proceedings:

Deadline for submission: January, 15th 2013
Up to 10 pages (1800 symbols per page) and 5 figures
Language: English, German or French – a qualitative translation in case of no own language

Guidelines for the manuscripts presented at the Congress which shall be submitted to its Proceedings
A paper in PDF to illustrate these guidelines can be found here.